SBT: Hands and Heart
Author: Soundwave3591
Puiblished: 05-24-11
Rating: T
Chapters: 4
Complete: no
Timeline, roughly at: 8+ Decades after Show
Word Length: 25,830
Cast: Ilana L.
Tagline: Lances Deathbed Memoirs

Galaluna holds A dark Secret, and only Princess Ilana can save her world...from itself. Ilana+OC

Lance, as he lies compiling his memoirs, recalls what was told to him in the past, and begins spinning a long and complicated tale......

Ilana befriends Brian, worker 26801, one of Thousands of slave laborers who man and maintain vast machines deep beneath Galaluna's surface. The workers are treated horribly by the people of the surface world, due to some wrong the Workers commited in the past. the King (named Fredrick in the story) in particular harbors a hatred for the workers, despite the urgings of his wife, Queen Maria, to change his ways, especially after she sees how badly Brian has been scarred by his experiences underground, physically and mentally.

This urging comes to an abrupt halt when the Queen is Murdered by vengeful workers, at the same time one of Brian's friends, Alfred 26802, comes across a book possessed by the spirit of an Ancient Warlord, callign himself Zeon, who promises him great things......

Frederick blames Brian for the death of his wife, and Ilana helps Brian escape, just ahead of her Father's asassins, remembering her mother's guidance to Protect those she loves.....

ten years pass. the mutraddi war begins, and Ilana tearfully watches her father go off to war, not understanding why the war must be fought, and hoping it does not take her father as well......

despite her worries, she tries to go abouther royal duties.


the Story is still ongoing.