I'm a Test page for dealing with Spam / inappropriate comments on this and the non-Fanon site WITHOUT deleting them.

Deletions would be based on Opinion so just obscuring them seems like a better option if feasible.

This page is to test the feasibility. As this was not really possible in a sand box.

Proposal 1Edit

Each comment is like its own page. Each comment must be renames to fit with a Host page renaming (this is done by bot)

  1. Rename Bad Comments to a sub-page of the host page (much like a talk page) similar to how the bots do it on a page rename.
    1. call it HostPage:removed_comments
  2. Auto Add to any page that has a HostPage:removed_comments a link to it at the bottom.
  3. add to the bots the auto moving of the subpage
    1. this may not be needed